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We Have Work To Do

I want to ensure that Lakewood continues to be a place where all of us want to

Live, Work, & Play


First Thing First: Civility & Hard Work Gets Things Done

The people in my life taught and reinforced the idea of treating others with respect and dignity. My parents and grandparents certainly were quick to remind me when I forgot my manners growing up. 

Being the loudest and rudest certainly attracts attention. But, does it get things done? No, it does not. Does it make our city a better place? No, it does not.

There is a different way. I have fought for my clients for many years in court and negotiated complex deals. The attorney banging his or her fist on the table and yelling is not the effective attorney. I fight hard for my clients and I do so by understanding issues, knowing precisely what they need, and pressing the issues forward -- not by grandstanding.

I will engage in vigorous debate and fight for all of us in Ward 4. I am confident that there will be times when I will disagree with someone on the City Council. But, I will do so respectfully so that he or she knows that just because we disagree, that does not mean that we won't be able to find common ground on another issue to make our city a better place.

Civility is more than good manners. It means rolling up our sleeves and doing the hard work to get things done.

Live: Safe Communities

Every child, every adult -- everyone has the right to feel safe where they live. We ask a lot of our Police Department so let’s make certain that they have the right support and training to serve the needs of the community. 


We can continue to invest in programs in which mental health professionals respond with the police to certain calls, diversion programs, and other innovative programs to let the police focus on what they do best.

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Work: A Thriving Entrepreneurial Spirit

Close to the mountains, close to downtown -- Lakewood is a wonderful place to live. I want to ensure that it is a wonderful place to do business as well.

Why are businesses choosing to locate elsewhere? We need to have the conversations now on how we can make Lakewood even more inviting to new small and local businesses and foster those that have already made a commitment to our community.  

Play: Preserving & Expanding Our Parks

Look at a map of Lakewood and it is hard to miss that two of its crown jewels, William F. Hayden Green Mountain and Bear Creek Lake, are in or border Ward 4. Lakewood as a whole is well over 25% dedicated parks and open space and that number continues to grow as we add places like Peak View Park (the "Taylor Estate").

As the region continues to face development, we need thoughtful leadership to preserve, connect, expand, and pass all of these parks and open spaces to our kids and future generations. 

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